Admob is one of the best options to monetize the android apps. It generates a meaningful amount for our apps. 

I am publishing games in the Android Play Store. My company name is gameroost. Gameroost has published three games so far – Ludo Family, Snakes and Ladder(Vaikuntapali) and Sudoku. We spent a lot of time to develop these three games and also spent money to market the games. 

These games started earning money after so many days. We were so happy but one day we got mail that Admob is going to stop providing ads for our games and then suspended my admob account after 30 days.

The top 3 reasons to get our admob account suspended

  1. Policy Violation
  2. Associated with another account 
  3. Invalid Traffic or Activities

1. Policy Violation 

Admob has a list of policies. Strictly we have to follow all these policies. Admob is always checking our game after a period of time. If we violate any policy, Admob raises policy violations.

This is a very straightforward way. Admob clearly mentions the violated policy name. We can correct it in our game. So there are very few chances for us to suspend our Admob account.  

2. Associated with another account 

Admob is very smart. If we have more admob accounts, it identifies and suspends our Admob account. It is always suggestable, don’t create multiple Admob accounts.

3. Invalid Traffic or Activities 

This is the most dangerous one. Admob never keeps any one to check whether an Android App is getting valid traffic or not. Admob uses an algorithm to validate our app traffic. If an app gets clicks from the same network IP multiple times, Admob treats the traffic is invalid.

The possible way to get invalid traffic are as below

  1. Self Clicking on ads by publishers
  2. Hire someone to click on ads
  3. Repeated Clicks by a set of Users
  4. Using automated tools to increase impressions
  5. Third-party traffic services to increase impressions

Admob gives more importance to advertisers than publishers. If an app gets invalid traffic, advertisers’ purpose never fulfill and it causes them to lose faith on Admob ad marketing. admob wants his business but not developer work and time.

The worst thing here is we lose our admob account without our involvement also. It happens so many times to so many developers. Admob never gives any clue to find out from where we got the invalid traffic. Most of the time we fail and google wins in this game.

Admob stops displaying ads on our games for 30 days. We have to find out the root cause of Invalid Traffic and then we need to appeal to google in these 30 days. 


I noted down two solutions from my experience. It may help you also. If you know more options. Feel free to comment on it.

  1. Keep one eye on your traffic  – Write a logic to capture the user traffic information. Firebase is the best option.
  2. Control the user clicks on Ads – Write a logic in our app to count the user clicks on ads and limit him like 5 clicks per a week. Use a mobile local database to track the clicks count and don’t show the ads to him once he crossed the clicks limit. 
  3. Go with alternatives – The last option is looking for an alternative to admob. Appbroda is one of the best ad provider. But They have a set of rules. Once you applied, they monitored our app and then replied back to us. 

This is what I want to share with you friends. I am still analyzing this case and will update this blog whenever I get a new update on this topic.

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