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Vaikuntapali, Moksha Patam,Parama Padam, snakes and chutes, snakes and ladders, Samp Sudi with whatever name we call it is a famous board game played all over the world. Vaikuntapali game is the Indian version of snakes and ladders. Most indoor games like Ludo, chess, carroms, Ashta Chamma, sholo guti, tiger vs goats, Beads Game ..etc have their origin in India. This shows our ancestors’ interest and passion for games and game designing, as we are playing those games till now and carrying them to our next generations also. Especially we have to talk about the Vaikuntapali(Mokshapatt) board game.

History of MokshaPatam:

In ancient India Snakes and ladders was called MokshaPatam in North India, Vaikuntapali Game(ParamaPadam) in South India Created by Saint (saint) Gyandev in the 13th century. This game is designed to teach moral lessons vices and virtues to the kids along with recreation. Here the Ladders signify the virtues i.e., good deeds and Snakes signify the vices i.e., bad and evil deeds.

Have a walk-through of Mokshapatam(Vaikuntapali Game):

Vaikuntapali is one of the games which resembles our Hindu culture and history. It has 131 squares. It is a multiplayer game played by rolling the dice. Rolling 6 numbered dice allows the player to enter the game and move forward according to the number on the dice. The chance of rolling dice is given one after the other.

I call it a Life game, everyone should go through the ups(ladders) and downs(snakes) of the game(i.e.,life) and who first reaches “131 square” wins the game.

Snakes and ladders Game Board

We see lot of images in this game like Animals,temples,birds,Hindu Idols,peoples,saints ..etc which is the best way teach kids the morals to be fallowed in Hindu Culture and traditions.

We also see in the game there are so many snakes and ladders. By clearly observing the up and down images of ladders and snakes we understand the main idea of the Vaikuntapali game. For example we see Bhakti(Devotion) and Brahma Lokam(i.e., through bhakti you reach Brahma Lokam),similarly Chittasuddi(Concentration) and Mahalokam(i.e., through Concentration  you become Mahanubhava), Yagnam and Swargam(i.e., through Yagnam you reach Swargam) at top and bottom of the ladders respectively. Similarly, for Snakes we see Karkotakudu and Pig(i.e.,Karkotaka is a demon , if you have this behavior you will born as pig in the next karma), Duryodhana and arrows,…etc at the head and tail of the snakes images.

We also see a big Snake called “Arukasura”(Who has malicious behaviour) which teaches us even if we reach high stages of life, by doing a single mistake we reach the starting point of the life game(reaches monkey again).Here I recommend Life changing Lessons for people to learn in their daily life  a wonderful article written by my friends Niyati Shah.

Likewise, if we explain we get a lot of moral lessons from the “Mokshapatam” game. It is the best game to teach our kids about Hindu culture and traditions and what to do and what not to do. what are the consequences we experience by doing good deeds and bad deeds?


With time, the game underwent a number of changes, Now it has 100 squares with no images and moral lessons, but the meaning remained the same: if you do good deeds, you go to heaven, and if you do bad deeds, you will be reborn.

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