HTML5 Games Monetization strategies 2023:

Yes, we definitely earn money from html5 canvas games. Let,s have a walkthrough of earning money from html5 canvas game development.

Most game developers focus their interest on the Idea behind the Game. However, they take most of the time to implement the game mechanics and like so. But Monetizing the game is equally essential because making a potential game needs a lot of hours, lines of codes, logic, calculations, high-end graphics, strong math skills, art and animations, sound effects, engaging music,..etc which needs a lot of money to implement. So from the early stages of game development itself, the developer should focus interest on Game monetization also. In this article, I discuss HTML5 Games Monetization techniques, Details of Ad Network Providers .etc….

  1. Google AdSense: Google AdSense is a widely-used ad network that allows you to earn money by displaying ads on your website. You can show ads in your HTML5 games and earn money each time an ad is displayed or clicked.
  2. AdMob: AdMob is a mobile advertising platform that supports HTML5 games. It offers a range of ad formats, such as interstitial ads and banner ads, that you can incorporate into your HTML5 games.
  3. PropellerAds: PropellerAds is a performance-based ad network that specializes in monetizing websites and mobile applications. They offer a range of ad formats, including display and video ads, that can be integrated into your HTML5 games.
  4. Adsterra: Adsterra is a premium ad network that offers a wide range of ad formats, including display, pop-under, and direct link ads, which can be integrated into your HTML5 games.
  5. Monumetric: Monumetric is an ad network that offers a flexible, performance-based solution for publishers. They offer display and video ad formats that you can use to monetize your HTML5 games
  6. is a leading ad network that offers a range of ad formats, including display, native, and video ads, which can be integrated into your HTML5 games.
  7. Ads4game:It provides Rewarded, Interstitials, Banners and Native Ads. It offers guidance on user-friendly formats, best placements & mediation.
  8. unique AdSpruce mobile web SDK allows game developers to generate more revenue than ever before from their HTML5 games on the mobile web.

Implement Ingame Purchases and reward Ads in Your HTML5 Canvas Game:

We can earn more revenue by implementing Ingame purchases like more coins, more points..etc… and Reward ads like dice throw of selected dice numbers like so.

Service providers are.

Google Ads

Become an HTML5 Games Publisher: If you drive more traffic for your “HTML5 game website” and if you build a nice UI for games collection by adding filters, category listing, good navigation..etc.., you can also feature other publisher games on your site and get a “revenue share” from those games also. As a publisher of other developer games, you can get html5 games from sites like….



Game Monetize,


Game Jolt,

Distribute your game to different Gaming Channels(as a Game Developer):

If you have a potential good HTML5 Canvas game and if you have fewer marketing and monetizing skills, then go for the Game Publishing website. They will take care of all of these things and brings revenue for your Game. They will take the “revenue share” from your game and offer you some %share of income for you. Here are some game Publishing providers….

Game Monetize,

Wanted 5 Games,






Facebook Instant Games:

Facebook’s Instant Games developers can now make money off users. Facebook launched a new gaming platform earlier this year called Instant Games. Today the company’s giving developers the option to monetize those games through in-app purchases and video ads

Facebook Game Publishing For Deveopers

Sell distribution Rights of your game:

sell exclusive rights of your game for a high price ( $1500–2000+ ) to one publisher/ sell non-exclusive rights for $500+, to multiple publishers. sell distribution rights to publishers, and take 60–80% from all ad/virtual goods revenue generated. Service Providers are….




Offer a subscription-based model, where players pay a recurring fee for access to exclusive content or premium features.


Utilize crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo to raise funds for your HTML5 game development, offering rewards or perks to supporters.

Selling merchandise: 

Offer merchandise related to your HTML5 games, such as t-shirts, posters, or toys, to your fans and players.


Partner with brands or companies to provide in-game sponsorships, where the company’s logo or products are prominently displayed in your game.

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