Bara Katta Indian Ludo Online Game

Bara Katta – Indian Ludo

Bara Katta is a combination of classic board games which are our favourite childhood games.

Ludo Board Dice

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File Size 30 Mb
Max no of Players 4
Play with Bots Yes
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 Ludo Family Online Game Canvas

Good for mobile version

Google Play Store Customer Testimonials

customer reviewsIt is a outstanding Indian game like it toomuch
P. P. P. S

Google Play Store User

customer reviewsIs beatifull look beatifull i mean😊
Dirin Glenny

Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo

customer reviews
Wow! Lodo family is too good. It occupies very low speac in my mobile strong. Sound effects , and graphics are good especially players are too funny. That’s cool.
Praveen Kumar Bodduru

Google Play Store User

customer reviews


रमेश कुमावत

Nokia 2.3

customer reviewsSuper board game. ashta chamma one of my favorite childhood game
Bhaskara rao

Goolge Play Store User

customer reviewsThe apk is good, the mb is a little good. ,, , “:__ , !!!!!!!!!!???!??!!?!!!!!!;!!*””_—-__-‘”—-& —-_________—________________why look down, I already said it’s good
dik gaming

Advan digital S4Z

Bara Katta

  1.  Choose no of players to play Bara Katta game.
  2.  Choose opponent players as person or system.
  3.  No need internet connection to play Bara Kata.
  4.  Play with Bots
  5. Very Easy Interface to select the players and tokens.
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Bara Katta Game Play:

Bara Katta is a four or two player game. Each player is given four Tokens. This game is controlled by throwing the dice.Each player has to roll the dice one after the other and move the token based on dice value. The Tokens moves in Anti Clock wise direction in Outer loop and Clock wise direction in Inner loop and finally enters the Home.The Token enters the inner loop of the game only by killing atleast one opponent player’s token.The Player whose all Tokens reach the home will win the Game.

Bara Katta Game Conditions:
1.The Players token enters the game only when the dice value is six.The player
is given additioanal turn when the rolled dice value is six or kills the Opponent
player’s Token.
2.The square marked with cross is a Safe Zone for the Players Token.
3.The Token of the player enters in to Inner loop only by killing atleast one
Opponent Players Token. Otherwise it rotates in the the Outer Loop only.

Highlighted Features of Bara Katta:

  •  Choose no of players to play Bara Katta game.
  •  Choose opponent players as person or system.
  •  No need internet connection to play Bara Kata.
  •  Play with Bots
  • Very Easy Interface to select the players and tokens.
  • High End game mechanics are applied to have smooth flow and functioning of the game.
  • Any Player can withdraw the game while playing and let other players to continue the game through adjusting the settings in menubar in play with Persons mode.
  • Any Player can add as a new member while playing and continue the game with other players in Play with Persons Mode
  • Bara Katta graphics are so simple and clear.
  • The size of game is very less, it’s nearly 10.5 MB downloadable size 

Upcoming Features of  Bara Katta:

  • Implementing Rush Mode -no waiting to roll the dice.
  • Supporting Online Multiplayer Game.
  • Play with facebook friends.
  • Play with Coins betting with your friends in the Game.
  • Score Board and acheivements Dashboard.

Bara Katta follow the same rules which we have been following from our childhood days. Bara Katta is perfect time pass board game to fill your time with fun and joy. Now you can play Bara Katta on your phone and tablet.

Bara Katta is mainly designed to play with friends and family together at home so you can call Bara Katta game as friends and family game. You will be playing this Bara Katta for every day and hours and it’s give full of fun for the whole family.

Snake and Ladder, ashta chamma games are so similar to Bara Katta. You might have played these board games in your childhood. The rules between snake and ladder and Ludo are mostly same except few conditions. The player fate depends on the dice number when you rolled dice as well as strategy of moving the token effectively.


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