Mine Hunter

Puzzle Game

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MineHunter also popularly called as "Minesweeper" is a very famous game from earliest mainframe games of the 1960's.

Gameroost games mostly focus on to improve your IQ levels as well as entertainment too.

We are sure MineHunter serve your purpose. We take base idea only but we changed complete design, we asssure that you will feel new experince with our changes in MineHunter.

Details about MineHunter Game

  • MineHunter is a single-player puzzle game and has Square Blocks with hidden Bombs or Mines in it.
  • You have to find the Square which has hidden Bomb(Mine) and "Flag" on that Square by using "Clues" around each Square.
  • Here clues are numbers that tells you how many Bombs(Mine) are in the adjacent blocks in all directions.

    For example, if the clue number is 1 that means it has only one Bomb in its 8 adjacent Squares and the remaining 7 Squares are free to dig.

    If there is no clue means there is no bomb around the adjacent Square Blocks, you can dig the Square.

    So use your caluculation based on clues and Flag on correct Squares having Bomb(Mine) and dig the remaining Squares.

  • At very foremost Board is completely cover with Squares, you have to click on Square randomly.
  • Once your first click is done you are able to see clues. Now you have to flag on hidden Bomb(Mine) Square or dig the Square based up on clue.
  • You can find the Count of Hidden Bombs in each game level on "top of the screen". This count also refers count of flags.
  • This count reduces once you flag on square. You can't flag on Square if count is zero, to flag on another Square you have to remove flag from Square.
  • You should choose flag image to flag on Square and to remove flag. You click on flaged Square to remove flag from the Square.
  • You should choose dig image to dig squares. if you dig on hidden Bomb Square, you will lose game.

You wil win the game when you flag on all hidden bomb Squares correctly and dig all remain Squares. You will lose game if you "dig on Hidden Bomb(Mine) Square".

Gameroost MineHunter Features:

  • You have 9 levels with various difficulties.
  • You can change game level at any point of time.
  • You are able to know how many bombs are hidden.
  • You can pause the game for a while.

Features, plans going to release in next built:

  • Time limit to find Bombs.
  • We are planing to add more levels with more difficulties as well as score points.