DragonSnake Vs Blocks

Arcade Game

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Dragon Snake Vs Blocks is an arcade Game keeps you hoocked for hours.

Your goal is to score more by breaking the Glowing blocks as many as you can along with making the DragonSnake survive long by eating the LifeHearts through its path.Let's have fun.

To Play this game simply swipe your fingers side to side and collect the numbered life hearts Which lengthen your DragonSnake.Also avoid entirely or hitting the Numbered Glow Blocks which shortens the Dragon snake.

Note:Here your score is based on the total value of the blocks you break and not number of hearts you collected.However collect more hearts to survive long time and beat high scores.

This game is available in three modes Classic,Action and Arcade.

  1. Classic:Which is easy and simply playable for kids.
  2. Action:This mode is some more tricky compared to classic mode.
  3. Arcade:This mode is so difficult to reach high scores.
PowerUps and Enemies:
  • :The LifeHeart which increases the life of Dragon snake.
  • :Avoid hitting the bomb which leads to end your game.