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This is a real Vaikuntapali game known as Moksha Patam is now available in Google play store with pleasant graphics and flawless gameplay. Vaikuntapali is designed and introduced by Saint Gyanadev in 13 century. Moksha Patam is a new format of Snakes and Ladders which teaches moral lessons to the young generation along with playing the game .Snake and ladder game is one of our childhood board games.

We used play Vikuntapali, ParamaPada Sopanam in our childhood days especially in summer holidays escaping from snakes and feel happy when we reach ladder and have suspense till the end who will wins the race.

Snake and ladder has board with collection of snakes,Ladders along with dice. It supports to play by two to four members as of now.You can control Snake and Ladder game by throwing the dice. Each player has to roll the Dice one after another. The one who reaches top number 132 in Vaikuntapali at very first time among the players will win the game.

The game depends on sheer luck of the Player. You move to top of the ladder when player’s token hit the number having start point of the ladder and drops down to the snake tail when the player’s token hit the number having Snake Head.

  • Vaikuntapali has different names in different areas like in Andhra Pradesh it is called Vaikuntapali or Paramapada Sopana Patam in Telugu.
  • In Hindi it is called Saanp aur Seedhi and Mokshapat.
  • In TamilNadu it is called Paramapadam.
  • In English it is called Snakes and Ladders, Bible Ups and downs, The Ladder to salvation, and Chutes and Ladders.
  • It is also called as Game of Wisdom.

Vaikuntapali Board game is most popular board game played by ancient Indians and then played by king and the people of its kingdom centuries ago so we call it as king snake and ladder game in this case.

It is a recreation game to play with friends and family members together. Most of the snake games are designed, inspired from snakes and ladders game. Snakes and Ladders is regarded as worldwide classic game.

Features of Vaikuntapali (snakes and ladders):

  • It is a free snake game.
  • It is a 2 to 4 multiplayer game.
  • No internet connection required to play with computer.
  • Vaikuntapali supports to play with family and friends together upto limit of two to four members.
  • Vykuntapali available in Telugu and English Languages.
  • Cartoon Board version of Vaikuntapali is available for kids.
  • Graphics with Classic look and You feel playing Real Vaikuntapali,Moksha Patam game in your childhood.
  • Easy Game Interface and Player settings.
  • Flawless Gameplay

Snakes and Ladders is a snake game race contest among friends, family members and the one who reaches the top will be King of snake and ladder game. Snakes and Ladders teaches moral lessons for kids in game.

As We know Vaikuntapali is exist from ancient days onwards. Vaikuntapali has 132 blocks. Each block in Vaikuntapali has special meaning. Vaikuntapali blocks indirectly refers our life significance. Vaikuntapali has snakes and ladders in between, when you meet snake in vaikuntapali, you find significance title which refers vices in life . At the same time when you meet ladder in vaikuntapli, you find another vaikuntapali title which refers virtues in life.

Vaikuntapali was played by kings and queens in earlier Indian days. Sometimes kings are prefer to play Vaikuntapali with opponent kings to solve their internal issue. King who won vaikuntapli, they took the benefits from opponent kings.