AP Election Run-2019

Arcade Game

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Help AP leaders through all the districts and gather the votes to win in the election and become Cheif Minister of #Andhra Pradesh.

AP Election Run is an action game where politician Pawan Kalyan, Chandra Babu Naidu and YS Jagan Runs through all the districts overcome the hurdles in Election Campaign like controversies, yellow media and wins in the election to become Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Taking the Current situation of #Ap Politics designed this game. As our Political leaders #Pawan Kalyan,#YS Jagan and #Chandra Babu Naidu are striving very hard to win in Elections. It is a great puzzle who wins in #AP Elections 2019 as every one has their own strategies and are strong competitors in AP to win in the Elections. They have to overcome so many hurdles like controversies, media, vote for note...etc. Lets help your Leader to overcome those hurdles and win in AP Elections-2019.All The Best

Select your favourite Andhra Pradesh Political Leader Run through all districts of AP and win in all districts to make your leader CM.

Feel the real heat of #AP Politics #AP Elections 2019.